Womb Awakening


Welcome Beloved women to the Heart of the Womb


This is a Sacred space that has been created for us to awakening our feminine expression together.  This is a magical soul-awakening experience of healing and womb centered embodiment. 


I am a Womb Priestess, Spirit Keeper of the Womb within the Magdalene lineage. Honoring my teachers and mentors are Seren and Azra Bertrand M.D., Jacqueline Rolandelli and Nat Love of Institute of Feminine Arts

Womb wisdom is being awakened on the planet to help heal the relationship between the masculine and feminine energies within and on Gaia.

The Magdalene as I know Her is an ancient archetype within each one of us.  It is my call and continued journey to unfurl my inner Magdalene and journey with you in supporting your Sacred unveiling. 

What is womb awakening?

Today, many of us women and men have no connection with the womb.  Imprints of negativity have been planted within our wombs keeping energies like shame, pain, embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance and dismissiveness alive enough that our wombs have become shut down and turned off. Painful and embarrassing menstrual cycles have been a common story and ritual and celebration of the natural and magical cycles have been dismissed.  

Within our wombs is beholden a blueprint of the Cosmic womb of creation.  Our wombs hold the mystery and magic of creation. The ancients honored the womb for it's magical mystery and power.  The first shamans were women and the first shamanic experience was menstruation.  Our womb blood is a powerful elixir and medicine for our soul.

What if there way a way to ignite your Sacred creativity, to birth your soul expression into form and to trust and embody your intuition and inner guidance?


Womb awakening is a life-long journey with your soul and essence. It is a self-healing and self-discovery journey that awakens and ignites the Sacred spark of creativity and expression of yourself into being. An embodiment of your true expression - that only you can be. The pathway is not an outside of ourselves, the pathway is a labyrinth of cycles and seasons expressed within ourselves that only a Sacred journey within can reveal it's gifts and magic.  Do trust that you embody these gifts and are of yourself indeed magic. 

 Many women are seeking a more embodied expression of spirituality through the feminine expression...

 Many pathways to enlightenment and spirituality focus on the light and ascension - an energy of rising up or stepping into their higher selves.  These pathways are indeed powerful, transformational and beautiful in their own way - yet they focus more on the upper chakras or third eye for insight, wisdom and awareness.

Womb awakening is a descent into the womb and the lower chakras, the solar plexus, sacral chakra and root and brings us into the fertile illumination of the dark.  Our wisdom and the seat of our feminine expression is found within the womb - this is where "gut instinct" or "trust your gut" comes into finer view.  Those discernments are echoes of our womb wisdom, asking to be heard and witnessed. We root to rise.

It can be more understood how we have become disconnected from our innate wisdom  and spiritual discernment by focusing more on the upper realms of thought and logic alone and discounted the wisdom that is held within the roots, that is created from below.  We see this expression imbalanced on our planet, Gaia and the ways we have taken, dismissed and ignored her in her seasons and cycles of creation and destruction. 

The feminine expression has been misunderstood and is not alone dressed up in elaborate robes, draped with flowers and crystals, though aren't they beautiful.

 The womb is more than a physical space within our bodies to create a human life...

Our earthly bodies are a vehicle to experience and express life on Gaia.  The womb is both a physical and energetic portal of the birth, life and death cycles of nature. When the womb is trusted, life itself is trusted and we are able to live a life of full soul expression with trust, clarity, love and wisdom. 

 What does the womb awakening journey look like?

The process of womb awakening is a rebirthing of the feminine energies and rhythms within you.  When the feminine energy comes back online a rebalancing happens within the masculine energies into Sacred Union. It is a necessary foundation to be built for our conscious evolution.  Yes, this is a very enchanting and magical process that illuminates synchronicity and insight though it is anything but sparkly and fluffy.  It is more about becoming comfortable with excavating the inner dark realms of your shadow and midwifing your soul back into illumination.  The shadow is where the medicine and gifts are held. 


As you journey with womb awakening you will...

  • Connect with your personal elemental medicine wheel, supporting you with more insight into your creating your foundational building blocks of life. 

  • Be introduced to the moonblood mysteries and connect with your menstrual cycle and rhythm with the moon.  All menopausal phases are still honored as part of your womb/moon cycle. 

  • Release the belief that you can control outcomes and life situations and become more at ease and trust in your moon rhythm and cycle - allowing you to surrender deeper into your innate wisdom.

  • Feel and be supported through all phases and waves of emotion that move through you.  You will learn to honor any rising emotion such as anger, grief, rage or sadness and meet it with love and tenderness as you witness it's transformation and receive its gift. 

Womb Awakening is choice to bring forth your feminine soul and awaken her out of her self slumber...

You are not alone on this Path... there is a Sacred lineage that awaits your arrival to connect with and an ever widening an expanding community on the path of womb awakening...

Womb Centered Healing Practices

13 Moon

New Moon Journey into the Womb

Red Tent - Women's Healing Circle

Next Circle: Sunday, August 23, 2020

Calling you, Beloved Women to gather together as the alchemical gates are opened through the dark moon phase.  It is a ripe time to take the descent into the Feminine flow to access the gifts of healing that await us to restore our beauty and pleasure!  We must descend to ascend.  


The intention of these circles is to assist women in connecting with what makes them whole.  A conscious circle is created each month with intention and purpose to come into right relation and connection with ourselves, one another and the earth through creativity, focus, song and ritual.

To Learn More and Join the Circle

Click Here

28 Day Sacred Menstruation Journey

A continuous cyclical journey...

A 28 day Shamanic Spiral into the magic and mystery of the menstruation/moon cycle.

This journey is for menstruating and pere/post and menopausal women. 

We unlock and release the shame of our blood and reclaim our power and magic with honoring, celebrating and sacredly ritualizing our menstrual cycle and blood. 

  • What is your relationship with your moon cycle?

  • What emotions come through?

  • Have you ever celebrated your period? 

  • Have you allowed yourself to be curious about your blood and relationship to it? 

  • Do you experience PMS, PMDD, endometriosis, fibroids, deep emotional fluctuations and deep body discomfort before or during your bleed? 


Soon we will embark on a journey of joy, discovery and celebration around your moon cycle.  

This is an online journey and will begin and complete on the New Moon each moon cycle.  We will meet via zoom video call four times during the moon cycle - for one hour each week to connect with ceremony, teachings, body prayer practices, meditation and journal prompts for the week. 


E-mail:  christine_winus@yahoo.com to schedule a complimentary 20 minute exploration. 


Celebrating you... 

your magic, wisdom and being...

Christine Jude

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