When a woman feels safe and is ready - she will begin the descent into herself and discover her gifts within her pain...

She will become a gardener of her soul

Soil, rich, fertile and soft

She will blossom from the seeds she has sown

Compost all that is no longer needed 

Bringing flowers again in her rebirth...

~Christine Jude Winus

"Feminine Wisdom is our innate birthing wisdom, it is creative, interconnected, pleasurable, playful, and kind – and encounters periodical cycles of rebirth, initiation and dissolution, to create new birth potentials.


In recent decades psychotherapists have developed a new significance on the cultivation of a “womb centre” within us – creating a place of refuge and sanctuary.


The founder of self-psychology, Heinz Kohut, moved the focus of healing to the building of the foundational self, rather than trying to forcefully dismantle the ego, or “initiate” us too early or too extremely, disconnecting from the feminine in the process. He discovered the following keys were needed to build a safe “womb centre” for transformation:


● The capacity to self-soothe – to be a good mother to yourself

● To warmly love the self – loving yourself as you are

● To value and esteem the self – to believe in your gifts and worth

● To experience a cohesive sense of identity – to feel safe and stable


It was discovered that when this foundational “womb centre” is substantial, then self-sabotaging conflict and negative patterns are naturally revealed and are a lot easier to work and process through, and that denial to accept difficult and uncomfortable truths is softened.


So rather than compelling, pushing, or breaking, this is a feminine pathway of awakening,– we trust in our natural integrity and innate ability, and beauty of life, and when we surrender deep into that knowing, everything that stands in the way of our union with love, begins to emerge and gently, organically melt away – in good time.


Paradoxically, this creates a more intense and profound alchemical transformation – and was referred to as “the Great Work” by the alchemists of the Mystery Schools. It typically involved an entire lifetime of slow, gradual evolutionary progress, accentuated at times by brilliant quantum leaps forward in consciousness.


Love, kindness, good will, soft power and a safe container create a revolution of consciousness. Slowly and organically, we are rebirthing the wisdom of the Moon Colleges." ~ Institute of Feminine Arts

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