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Womb Healing

When a woman feels safe and is ready - she will begin the descent into herself and discover her medicine within the pain. 

A voyager into the soul she returns with clairvoyant wisdom. 

She is a gardener of her soul

Her soil - rich, fertile and soft

She blossoms from the seeds she has sown

Composts all that is no longer needed 

Bringing flowers again in her rebirth...

~Christine Jude Winus

Each woman holds within her womb a sacred blueprint and treasure map to her becoming.  We hold our greatest gifts as well as imprints of woundings and traumas within our womb.  In every phase of our life, (menstrual, pere and post menopause, pregnancy and women without wombs)  women hold a powerful energetic space within the womb that informs and creates the world in which they are living.  

This is the healing work that teaches us how to see in the dark.

Womb healing works with the womb space and is not specific only women who have physical womb, it’s for ALL women including those who identify as woman and  women who no longer have a physical womb. Womb healing has been used for centuries by medicine women, shamans, and priestesses as a form of health care.  It supports the reawakening  of the womb, connecting women to their true source of healing, love, creativity and sensuality - their inner gnosis.

It’s a guided deep dive into healing the cellular imprints and scars that have been left behind by traumas, relationships, sexual encounters, social conditioning, self identity and ancestral memory.  Womb healing literally reweaves the tapestry of cellular fabric of our wombs so that we can begin creating and birthing from a space of clarity, knowingness, trust and emotional balance.

Womb healing is cyclical living.  It is understanding that we do not exist in a linear reality or timeline.  We are cyclical beings, shifting and experiencing life differently day to day.  Healing the relationship with your menstrual cycle and menstruation is vital in understanding and coming into a safe and loving connection with your unique rhythm and cycle. 

Women are Cyclical Beings…

Living in a linear world…


Each day a woman has a new unique experience with her own inner world, therefore creating a new outer experience. Why do we expect women to be the same day to day? How do we come into deeper relationship with our bodies, our emotional rhythms and our cycles?  Ritual.


“Ritual” is not a word used regularly in today’s world and may be unfamiliar to some. It is a solemn ceremony that is usually accompanied by a series of suggesteed actions that have been passed along over time most often associated with religious beliefs and or community tradition such as weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvah. 


To me, ritual is something quite simple and more personal: It is a set of actions that we make sacred in our lives. 


Common place activities that we engage in in our personal lives such as cleaning, cooking, childcare, love making, or bathing can become a ritual when we bring mindfulness and consciousness into it. 


What makes something a ritual is not action itself, but the energy - the symbolic value and intention we give and place within that action.


Menstruation is no exception. 

A woman’s womb symbolizes her power to create, to renew and regenerate.  It is the Source of her Feminine power. 


This vital symbol is akin to a hidden treasure within that is waiting to be discovered.  It is nurtured and adored by each woman herself or shared with a community. 


Menstruation can be a wearisome annoyance, unpleasant and inconvenient OR it can be a sacred ritual that is used to honor and celebrate the deepest aspects of our feminine power. 


There is benefit and blessing that comes from ritualizing menstruation.


Here is a summary of the gifts received through creating a sacred and nurturing relationship with our sacred moon cycle. 


  1. It supports us to stay in tune with our body rhythms and the Earth’s cycles of birth, death and regeneration. 

  2. It creates a safe place to acknowledge, share and express our emotions whether they be grief, anger, fear, sadness or joy, contentment, love and excitement. 

  3. It helps us to reconnect with and reconcile past events and clarify our intentions for the present and the future.

  4. It allows us to evaluate and bring validity to the physical and emotional transitions in our life.

  5. It helps us to connect with, honor and heal the deepest aspects of ourselves and bring forward the inner wisdom and strength to conscious awareness.

  6. It connects us to the sacred creativity our womb power holds and teaches us how to access it - it is sustainable. 

  7. It supports us in listening and being guided by our own inner truth and inner wisdom, apart from the roles and responsibilities we carry out within our families and community.

  8. It symbolizes rites of passage - transitioning from one to another and celebrates events in our lives.  It is never too late to honor ourselves with a ritual for a past event such as birth or menstruation.  Past experiences can be brought into the present to heal, honor and celebrate.  It is a reclamation of the inner maiden. Lovingly and gently reclaiming the adolescent girl who may have never been welcomed into womanhood.

  9. It guides us into the awareness of the depth of our innate feminine wisdom and strength.  It allows us to experience our body as beautiful, natural, sacred and whole - accessing all resources within. 

  10. When we connect and share intentional space with other women in ritual we feel supported and empowered on our path to healing and growth.  The journey is ours alone to take, together we share our experience, strength and hope.

Womb Healing Offerings

Lunar Cycle Massage

Menstrual Massage.png

Connecting Women, Nature and Spirit

Massage is contraindicated for a women who is currently menstruating. 

This treatment is to support healthy menstruation.   

To soothe menstrual discomfort and promote smooth flow of blood and chi in the pelvic region and throughout the body.


The session opens with a womb meditation supporting the relaxation of the mind allowing you to drop down into the wisdom of the womb and body.  A castor oil pack will be applyed to the abdomen and/or pelvis.  Mayan Abdominal Massage will be administered helping to alleviate any energetic or physical restrictions in the the abdomen and pelvis as well as bringing alignment to organs so that they may function properly. During moontime a woman is within her sacred release time.  Not only is this a natural shedding of the uterine lining - it is also a very special time where a woman is releasing the energetics of emotion through the physical womb.  This treatment helps to support you in your upcoming menstrual flow as you prepare to release with love, intention and care. 


This treatment is recommended for women who experience intense emotional imbalances, PMS, PMDD, endometriosis, fibroids, cramping,  physical lethargy and/or abnormal bleeding. It is also for the woman who also simply wishes to allow herself to receive nourishing touch and support for her upcoming moontime. After your session you will receive a yummy nourishing cup of red raspberry leaf tea. 


Monthly Lunar Cycle Packages are available for cyclical support and relief.


Lunar Cycle Oil is available for purchasing through Rising Earth Healing Arts.



My Sacred Cycle
Conscious Moon Wisdom Journey
Womb and Menstrual Mentoring


Discover the Sanctuary within your body through becoming a soul midwife with your moon cycle as your guide.

Begins Every New Moon 


Each day of your moon cycle is a unique journey that is informed by your emotional body, your present and past experiences, your physical body and hormonal fluctuations, your environment, and your soul.  On the macrocosmic scale of life we have the waxing and waning of the moon, the ebbs and flows of the tides of the oceanic waters, the changes of seasons and the earth’s natural cycles.  These are all reflected within the microcosm of your menstrual cycle of the female body.  

Red Tent April 2022.png

Next Red Tent - TBD

Inquiries welcomed : I'd love to support you and your tribe/community in gathering for a Red Tent

Welcome to the Moon Lodge


Ancient cultures observed gathering on the dark/new moon to sustain and empower through community -  a woman’s sense of self, to honor and support her devotion to her body, her rhythms and her intuitive psychic powers that peek when menstruating. 


Our bodies are led by natural rhythmic cycles that house, inform, direct and nourish the Spirit within.  We develop and honor a compassionate and nurturing relationship with our sacred womb, her cycles and seasons.  We draw down tenderly and unveil her deepest stirrings, longings and insights which become a guide to healing and vitality.  


Our sensitivities are a beautiful gift - especially as they relate to our inner moon cycle. There is wisdom in the womb that communicates with us all of the time.  She lets us know how to nourish and nurture ourselves just so, when to rest, the zest to create consciously and taps on our spirit door letting us know when to let go.  Our womb tapestry is woven from the same fabric of the Great Cosmic womb and the womb of Gaia. 


Our earthly bodies are a vehicle to experience and express life on Gaia.  The womb is both a physical and energetic portal of the birth, life and death cycles of nature. When the womb is trusted, life itself is trusted and we are able to live a life of full soul expression with trust, clarity, love and wisdom. 


Here we celebrate and honor our moon/menstrual cycle.  Here we honor sacred cycle ritual and our wombs as Holy.  Here we gaze upon the mystery of the moon and our cycles with playful curiosity.  Here we hold all “woundings” as gateways and portals to love.


In the Moon Lodge We Will:


Connect with your personal energetic womb elemental medicine wheel, supporting you with more insight into your creating your foundational building blocks of life.

Be introduced to the moonblood mysteries and connect with your personal menstrual cycle and rhythm with the moon.  All menopausal phases are honored as part of your womb/moon cycle.

Join our voices in song, chant and/or through humming.

Move our bodies in womb centered somatic body practice and meditation.


Circle for fire ceremony.


In the Red Tent there will be a time of silent prayer and inner reflection, womb meditation, sacred sharing and listening.  If you have a song, poem or book excerpt that you wish to share - please do.  If you have a musical instrument, shaker, drum you are welcome to bring along. 


To prepare for the Red Tent, wear or adorn yourself with something red.  The color red symbolizes the blood and the red river that connects us, woman to woman and all the mothers from whence we came back to the original Mother.  


Bring with you a water bottle, a journal and writing instrument, any momentos that you hold sacred that are called to be placed on the altar in the center of the circle (crystals, jewelry, keepsake, etc), an offering for the fire ceremony.


Tea will be served.


Exchange: $33

This gathering is facilitated by Christine Jude Winus B.A., LMT, CST, RM


Christine is a woman focused somatic body/massage therapist, Spirit Keeper of the Womb and intuitive energy therapist in the Hudson River Valley.  @risingearthhealingarts  

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