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Sacred Healing

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“Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious.

There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.”

Carl Jung

I begin our time together with a dialogue about what brings you to this work.  We all have a catalyst that moves us into action.  What is yours?  There is never a right or wrong answer. 


Awareness is guided from the  "thinking mind" and into the belly and hara via a grounding meditation practice.  Connecting with the breath we lead our breath down through our body connecting with Gaia and the womb of the Earth. This helps to settle the central nervous system and bring you into a state of present body awareness. 

When your emotions and sensations in the body are fully present, the subconsious has an opening to be heard, felt, or seen.  We all have different ways in which we experience connection with the subconscious. 


Our time together may include soul retrieval (dissociation healing), emotional healing, trauma release, psychospiritual counseling and guidance, psychosomatic healing, energy clearing, mentoring, womb healing and activation.  I provide distance craniosacral therapy to support your body in visceral/muscular restriction release and to rebalance the nervous system. 


I ask you to make a commitment to your personal healing and transformation.


It is my preference and procedure to work with you over time through your healing journey. The healing process is not a quick fix or an overnight healing experience.  I respect the cycles of nature, your own unique cycle and rhythm as well as my own.  Time and experience is essential for developing trust in our relationship together - we dive in slowly and gently.   This will take time and repeated visits.  I do not offer a projected time of healing as each person, experience and journey is so beautifully unique.  It would be limiting to both yourself as a client and myself as a practitioner to bound our time together with limits. 


Some patterns, beliefs and habits are lifelong and or deeply imprinted. The healing process is best done slowly and in layers to minimize any potential for overwhelm and to better integrate the healing.    

Some sessions may bring up strong emotions or memories and sometimes it can feel as if nothing is happening at all. Healing is happening even if we "cannot feel it".  Much of our healing happens in deep restful states such as sleep, meditation and shamanic journeying. 


These healing sessions do not happen in the logical prefrontal cortex where the logic and thinking happens.  You can try to think to understand what is happening though it is my suggestion to allow yourself to let go of the need to "know" or "have it resolved and figured out" and enjoy the new experience of healing, of unfurling. In our sessions together we drop into a theta or dreamlike state which activates the cerebellar brain, the part of our brain that storehouses memories and accesses our DNA directly - our subconscious. 

Sacred Healing sessions require a 20 minute phone consultation prior to the first session.  You may schedule your phone consult here or submit an inquiry through the form below. 

Virtual or In Office Sessions Available

Areas of Focus


Trauma Healing (Sexual, Physical, Emotional)

Life Transitions

Spiritual Guidance

Chronic Pain/Fatigue



Addiction Recovery

Eating Disorders

Body Dysmorphia


Your inquiry is considered a sacred request and is important to me. 
I will respond to your request within 24 hours.  Please make sure that you check your "spam/junk" folders if you do not see a reply in your inbox within this timeframe. 

Christine Jude, B.A., LMT, CST, RM

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