Introduction to Sacred Healing and Mentoring with Christine

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It is not enough that we simply speak about our troubles, our woes, our dreams and our visions. We must meet and connect with them from the inside, come to know them and with courage and trust merge with them. The logical mind serves us in navigation and supports the structure for our lives and will wind us in circles never landing within the core or the root as to why things are the way they are in our lives. We must fall back and surrender to allow the memories stored deep within our cellular memory to come online - to begin informing us.

This is an entirely new way of communication with our bodies, especially for those of us who have been used to talk therapies and conventional methods of treating mental/emotional imbalances. The issue with these therapies is they lack the somatic connection and omit the key component in healing - your body.

We cannot access the body's cellular memory with thought. It will not work and quite simply because our brains are not wired in this capacity. We must bring in our felt sense experiences and begin to listen to our bodies. It will be your greatest ally and guide.

Through womb healing we bring all of our loving and tender awareness down into the womb, disengaging the mind and surrendering into the waters of our life. Our womb holds the seat of our soul, the expression of the self, the key to our ancestral connection and genetic inheritance is all held here. THIS is why it is so sacred and revered. It holds the keys to your healing and liberation.

I have journeyed for many years now with womb healing as the foundational approach to my own healing and liberation - connecting with deep pains, traumas, emotional stressors and addictions. I have learned to befriend my body and trust her as a sacred ally - even if I am told differently from the outside. I have learned the voice of my inner authority. I have gained a new relationship with my blood rivers and the rivers of the earth and communicate with the earth and her creatures in what some may call "magical ways". The magical way is inside of you, not outside. When we feel our bodies, all of its rhythms, ebbs and flows - THIS, this is the magic - we will only then project this outwards creating the world in which we live.

The journey is not simple, you won't always be skipping down the path sprinkling rose petals. You will meet the source again and again of what limits you, what fractures you from the Source of love and what separates you from the other. You will descend and rise and descend, descend and descend some more - though you will always rise again. This is a path for the dedicated and the ones promised to the truth within themselves. This is a path not for the courageous and strong from the beginning - for you will know your courage and strength as you continue to promise yourself to your inner knowing.

It is like leaning over the water well and calling down into the hollow darkness. You hear an echo and it is you calling back to yourself. You wonder, you're frightened or excited or both, your curious and you explore. Again and again the spiral continues.

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