Guardian of Intuition

Guardian of Intuition

You are the caretaker of the whispers that speak underneath the quaking voices of the other. You are the one that deiphers the codes of disillusion. That is you! You are the Sherlock and you are the discoverer of the Holy Grail. You are the one who you call deepest to in the stirrings of grief and the moments of jubilation. You are it.

And… I know… there perhaps is void of another that needs to show up for you in these moments.

You see… there is one of us and a matrix of cellular, spiritual and ancestral makeup to us… within the wholeism that is us is 2 parts… the yin/yang; masculine/feminine; light/dark…

When there is a void and a presence apparent this is you, within you. This entire path of awakening is not just the Feminine is not feminism… it is a merge of the Feminine and Masculine. I am hear to support the reawakening of the Feminine lost pieces... take me off your stake.

It is the soil of absolution and redemption. It is the feelings body. How we bring in and translate at a cellular level outside influences and internal and generational patterns really resides in how much are we willing to let go of the stories, the strong holds and the dams to the flow that is waiting to exhale.

Man (and woman) made dams serve a purpose and as nature teaches us, sometimes, those levees need to break. What will that make you and where will you turn?

I don't know. You don't know. The greatest of philosphers and mystics didn't know… yet still a voice beckoned them to release control.

This is where the Feminine lies for me… in release of control. My hands fully off the logical wheel and tuning into body and spirit, continually surrendering to the softer path… "the flow".

Let's not be confused with the softer path being the easier one. For it is most often the hardest one to follow… or else we would all be living in a world free from hungry children, war and a planet craving nutrition. These are the places so very barren and void of the Mother. We need the Mother.

So, I as a women living in this world in this time know deeply that my one True purpose is to only be a guardian of my intuition. Everything from this place will lead me. There will be stumbles and roadblocks, bliss and enchantment. There will be goblins and trolls, fairies and stardust.

Mystical tales never lied. They just needed an avenue to share the stories of our truest becoming so that they would live in the hearts and in the spirits of those who were meant to hear them within a time where darkness battled with the light.

The mystical tales held and hold true wisdom when we break apart the stone the sword was drawn into and begin to reveal the nature of our being, the nature of our becoming.

Here is a download from the fae… "fairy folk" through me. They've been loud these days...

"What dost though quiver quite within

There is a merry antidote that you have

Why, it is within you already…

Dash and doting along you will

The path of the silent still at your will

Perhaps there is another one you shall take

The one so light and grawl you will make

Not one has made it away thus far

To be a silent creature when loud was called

There is a time in the forest to be quiet and quaint

And a time to be loud like the lion and quake

A grateful scream and a heroes roar

The rustling winds over a shire bore

You must decide what quake to make

Silence can be golden and a wave could take

Frolic through the morning dew

And make not any sense anew

For what is shared is not a logics make

It may feel like you're sleeping but you are very much awake

Oh but alas my time has come to move on ahead and I hope you will come

To a place that you imagine will be born anew

And we definitely need both me and you

I cannot promise that this path will be easy

We shall follow our Guides we may trust in our safety

It's narrowing down to the finest of seives

Of those who have distilled their intentions and wits.

The stirring is alive it is awakened and not behind.

And remember the greatest medicine of this time is to be kind."

~ Christine Jude Winus

Art~ Helena Nyblom for ‘The Seven Wishes’ from Among Pixies and Trolls (1913) by Alfred Smedberg

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