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Introducing My Sacred Cycle


A Sacred Journey into the Heart of the Womb

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New Moon Sagittarius ~ Wednesday, November 23, 2022


An invitation for you. To gather together in a small intimate one on one mentoring journey with the intention to return home to the sacredness of your menstrual cycle. We are tuning into and re-learning the rhythm of the lunar cycle as it spirals and weaves through you. This is a remembrance and reclamation of being connected to yourself and the ancient cyclical wisdom held within your sacred womb.  


As you nurture your relationship to the lunar rhythm and the ways in which you respond to them bio-energetically and emotionally - you will begin to awaken ancient memories and wisdom with your Womb.  We will be bringing the lost and forgotten threads of your Feminine consciousness to light and reweave them into wholeness.


“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it. Traditional Native American saying” 

Lucy H. Pearce, Moon Time: Harness the Ever-Changing Energy of Your Menstrual Cycle


Our time shared together revolves around the constellation of ovulation and menstruation, creation and dissolution.  If you are in menopause or have had a hysterectomy you will be working with the energetics of Womb Blood and if you are in your menstruating years, you will be journeying with your own Womb Blood. 


Deep healing and transformation is possible when we open to the mystery of the lunar rhythms.  It is the rhythm that guides the womb through dreaming, gestation, birth, dissolution and death.  Each phase is a season and a reason in which you will learn the ways in which you uniquely relate.


Women gathering in ritual and ceremony around menstruation and moon cycle is an ancient practice.  We call back the old ways to the new where we anchor these sacred traditions into the present day and weave them creatively into our lives, our families lives and within our communities.  Women gather together to honor their moon cycle, share wisdom and prayer, recognize menstruation as a rite of passage along with, childbirth, death, marriage and farming.  It is as natural as breathing. 


Do any of these feel familiar to you:


Your menstrual cycle is mysterious to you and often feels “out of your control”.  You have a desire to learn more about the cycles of your emotions.


Your first menstruation was hidden, not honored.


You have painful or irregular menstruation.


You have tried IVF and welcome in support.


You’re a new mother and feeling disconnected from yourself.


You are mothering a daughter and or work closely with girls.


You feel disconnected from yourself and your body.


You feel stuck and feel challenged to fully release aspects of your life (i.e. habits, relationships, beliefs).


You wish you had a safe and nurturing space to connect with other women about your womb and menstrual cycle. 


Private one on one mentoring on the journey through your Sacred Cycle.


Discover the unique rhythm of your menstrual cycle as they relate to seasons, moon phases, elements and the Maiden, Mother,Maga and Crone archetypes. 


Through somatic meditation and body prayer practices we bring consciousness to our wombs and our physical bodies to build a healthy and loving relationship with them, to honor their language and learn to listen with compassion and love. 


Working with the phases of the moon and the phase of your own menstrual cycle you will learn how to create sustainable and conscious change in your life and move beyond repetitive and damaging self stories.   


You will learn gentle and supportive ways to bring healing to your womb, the womb of your ancestral lineage and the womb of the Earth. 


Connect with your personal elemental womb medicine wheel to support you with more insight into creating your foundational building blocks of life. 


Release the belief that you can control outcomes and life situations and become more at ease and trust in your moon rhythm and cycle - allowing you to surrender deeper into your innate wisdom.


What you will receive:


4 weekly 30 minute private zoom calls.

50 Page My Sacred Cycle E-book


Somatic  Womb Meditations and Body Prayer practices

Energy Mapping of the Womb


Tools and insights on practicing conscious menstruation


Breast Radiance Sadhana

Abdominal Presence Practice

Holistic Pelvic Care Mentoring


Womb Art Crafting and Weaving Practices


Menstrual Moon Cycle Journey


Week One: New Moon 

Archetype: Crone and Maiden 

Season: Winter

Element: Fire

Menstrual Phase: Menstruation 

Energetic Flow: Stillness, In the void, Emptiness, Sowing intentional seeds, Dark


Week Two: Waxing Moon

Archetype: Maiden

Season: Spring

Element: Earth

Menstrual Phase: Folicular

Energetic Flow: Unfurling, Sensing, Calling In, Witnessing the first shoots of life


Week Three: Full Moon

Archetype: Mother

Season: Summer

Element: Water

Menstrual Phase: Ovulation

Energetic Flow: Fullness, Pleasure, Creative climax, Energy extended outward.


Week Four: Waning Moon

Archetype: Crone

Season: Autumn

Element: Air

Menstrual Phase: Luteal

Energetic Flow: Descending Energy, Retreat to the Inner Realm, Releasing, Letting Go, Death

Register below to begin the journey! 

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