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Sunlighten Amplify III
Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

A Natural Way to Heal

Retreat from strss, reclaim your peace, and take care of your body annd mind inside a peaceful sauna sanctuary.  Enveloped in gentle, therapeutic full spectrum infrared heaet, you'll love hoow you feel during and after your session.


The Amplify III delivers what its name promises because of the unique full spectrum heater mix.


Two heater types work together. Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon far infrared heaters send the high quality and high quantity infrared wavelengths that penetrate deep tissue, halogen heaters push the air temp up to 165 degrees F, all with Sunlighten’s proprietary design that produces virtually no EMFs.


Before your visit, please read the following information and complete the consent form to ensure you have the highest quality experience with your sauna treatment.



Single Sessions

30 Minutes - $30

45 Minutes - $35

60 Minutes - $45

Add 1 person: $15

Add 2 people: $30



30 Minute Unlimited Monthly Membership: $250

45 Minute Unlimited Monthly Membership: $350

60 Minute Unlimited Monthly Membership: $450

Non Transferable; M-Sa; 1 per day



30 Minute

3 Sessions: $80

5 Sessions: $120

10 Sessions: $220

45 Minutes

3 Sessions: $120

5 Sessions: $160

10 Sessions: $280

60 Minutes

3 Sessions: $120

5 Sessions: $180

10 Sessions: $350

*3 Month Exp; Non transferable

Why Infrared Sauna

Centuries of Sauna Use


Historically saunas have been used for detoxification for centuries in a variety of cultures: Aboriginal and Native American sweat lodges, Mexican and Guatemalan temazcals, Finnish cultural practice, European steam rooms.


Sauna Therapy has long been recommended by practitioners in alternative health circles because of its known power to remove heavy metals and other environmental toxicants, including mold, plastics, and other chemicals that have become part of modern life.


Sauna therapy has also been part of many drug rehabilitation programs because of its known help in the detoxification process for certain drugs as well. Today’s clients want to make sure they’re doing all they can to feel good and live as healthy as possible. Heat and sweat alone have been known to be beneficial for a long time. Today’s infrared saunas offer even more benefits to feel good about.

The difference between traditional saunas and infrared saunas

Traditional saunas temperatures range from 150 - 200 degrees.  The temperatures for far infrared saunas are effective at 110 - 140 degrees.  This lower temperature allows for a much more comfortable experience while achieving appreciable results. 

An infrared sauna uses light to heat your body much in the same way the sun does.   

What is infrared light

Most infrared saunas use far-infrared (FIR) light. The term “far” refers to where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Some saunas also use near infrared light (NIR) and mid infrared light (MIR). NIR light may promote skin renewal, improved cellular functioning, and wound healing.  MIR light can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue where inflammation occurs, and may speed up the healing process. FIR light reaches deepest into the body, where toxins are stored. Our sauna promotes a full spectrum of light. 

Infrared sauna and immune boosting capability

Your body has the innate ability and wisdom to defend itself from illness. During a fever, body temperature rises and actually strengthens the immune system. This is a signal to white blood cells and the body’s antiviral protectors of lymphocytes, neutrophils and interferons that to come to the rescue.* Increased body temp may also help fight infections.** 

Raising your body temperature above normal in a therapeutic setting is called hyperthermia. Sunlighten’s infrared heating technology gives you the highest quality and quantity of infrared light that is clinically proven to raise core body temperature by three degrees.

Sunlighten Amplify III supports the function of your immune system by

Increasing the production of white blood cells


The heat which is generated by the infrared light stimulates energy at a cellular level which naturally increases the body's production of white blood cells (WBC).  WBC are a component of your complete blood makeup and act as your immune system's first line of defense when pathogens are present. WBC detect anything foreign that may disrupt the homeostasis of your body's function and control your immune response.  An increase in your WBC, stimulated by consistent sauna use supports the body in effectively discouraging disease or illness from settling in.

Immune system activation

"Give me a fever and I can cure any disease" ~ Hippocrates

Hyperthermia is simply, a high body temperature.  It has been long misunderstood for its purpose and is all too often a mistreated symptom.  Fevers are suppressed and discouraged when in fact, it is the body's natural infection and disease fighting response.  It can be supportive. 

Metabolism is increased in hyperthermia, metabolism increases, viral and bacterial growth is inhibited and the innate healing process is advanced.  Ancient healers recognized this activity in the body as an natural healing process that aids in healing illness.  Fever kills viruses and bacteria. Introducing hyperthermic methods of healing, such as infrared sauna is therapeutic (no, you will not be bed ridden or need to eat chicken soup through this therapy). You are simply heating your body up from the inside out while enjoying a therapeutic moment of rest and restoration.  Elevating body temperature results in natural and biological defenses, boosting the immune system and allowing the body to rid itself of damaging pathogens caused by the environment, foods that are highly processed and inorganic and stress. This process destroys both foreign and otherwise invading microorganisms.  In simple terms, it burns them away.  In Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices, foods and herbs are used for their heating properties in similar ways.  Hyperthermic therapeutic practices are returning to healthcare practices today.

Elevating the heat of the body is used to treat acute bronchitis, colds, flu, pneumonia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus and cancer. 

Releases impurities

Let's talk about detoxification.  When the body does not produce enough swear, it hangs onto potentially harmful toxins, chemicals and impurities that only sweat eliminates.  As mentioned above, these impurities come from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the liquid we drink and anything else the body absorbs. Supporting your body to eliminate these toxins effectively is one of the best ways to stay healthy and support the immune system.  In just 30 minutes, an infrared sauna allows your body to flush out these impurities so that your immune system has less to fight off. You may also emerge from the sauna with a slight glow in your skin, radiating your complexion.  This is immediate and visible evidence that your body's largest organ has been purified and detoxified. 

Improves blood circulation

The deep penetrating heat of our Sunlighten Amplify III infrared sauna promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body.  This provides oxygen rich nutrients to the organs and extremities.  Areas with poor blood circulation prior to your sauna session, will be flushed out and any harmful substances that were building up will be released through sweating.  The increase in blood circulation pumps the blood towards the surface of your body, bringing along with it any bacteria and other illness causing substances.  Better circulation benefits metabolism, the heart, muscles, arteries and brain function. 

Increases healthy cellular regeneration

Out with the old and in with the new. Infrared sauna usage strengthens the immune system by stimulating healthy cell regeneration. This kind of regeneration supports your body to dispose of cells that might be old, damaged, or ineffective and replace them with new healthy cells. Over time all cells are regenerated, however the heat from an infrared sauna catalyzes the regeneration process and ensures all bodily systems are running as effectively as possible. This is especially beneficial during the cold and flu season when the body is more susceptible to pathogens. 


High stress levels increase cortisol (the stress hormone) and inflammation in the body which lowers your immune defenses.  Reducing stress levels is imperative when maintaining health and vitality.  Regular use of infrared sauna balances cortisol levels and relaxes the body and mind.  Without cortisol in the way, the immune system works more efficiently. 

* Downing JF, Martinez-Valdez H, Elizondo RS, Walker EB, Taylor MW. Hyperthermia in humans enhances interferon-gamma synthesis and alters the peripheral lymphocyte population. J Interferon Res. 1988 Apr;8(2):143-50. doi:10.1089/jir.1988.8.143. PMID: 3132509.

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** Ryan M, Levy MM. Clinical review: fever in intensive care unit patients. Crit Care. 2003 Jun;7(3):221-5. doi: 10.1186/cc1879. Epub 2003 Mar 8. PMID: 12793871;PMCID: PMC270667.

Enhancing the Sauna Experience

Color Therapy

Enhance your sauna experience and transform your mental well-being with Chromotherapy, or color therapy, the science of using colors to transform body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Chromotherapy works on various energy points (chakra plexuses) to support balance within your body via the full spectrum of visible light. Each color emanates frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical manifestation.  
This lighting feature showers your sauna with colors from the sun's visible light spectrum, creating an artful atmosphere with a balance-inducing effect. Tune in and allow the color that calls to you and bathe in this light therapy throughout your session.

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