Love and Cacao

A New Moon Sacred Womb Ceremony

Calling you, Beloved Womyn to gather together as the alchemical gates are opened through the dark moon phase.  It is a ripe time to take the descent into the Feminine flow to access the gifts of healing that await us to restore our beauty and pleasure!

A blessing from the moon comes as our bodies align with her phases, providing us with access to our wombs primordial blueprint, the Feminine vibrations within ourselves -  a return to our innocence.  Awakening our womb wisdom involves diving deeply and tenderly into  our feelings, core traumas, desires, physical, emotional and energetic bodies, our sexuality, sensuality and sensory perception.  It activates our Feminine DNA to come fully online through our stem cells - what eastern philosophy calls Shakti.  This healing aligns us with the Web of Life, a healed conscious Matrix allowing us to manifest all that we need. 

Womb healing opens our hearts to fully come alive! The circle will begin with a meditation and serving of ixCacao as we gently connect with our heart center.  We will journey together through a shamanic womb clearing and will receive a womb blessing.  Yum!

Journeying with ixCacao we will tap into the medicine of the Mayan Goddess of Fertility and Love and anchor her wisdom within our hearts.  ixCacao is a gentle medicine that walks alongside us in the journey of opening and remembering the purity of our hearts resonance, reminding us as womyn - we walk side by side with one another.


I use ceremonial grade cacao (Keith's Cacao) only. This is to ensure that the highest vibration of cacao is delivered into our bodies and received within our hearts. This cacao source is sustainably grown and harvested in Guatemala and supports local communities.  Click here to access another valuable link to begin your journey and relating with ixCacao. 

This work is alchemical magic and has transformed my life and helped me to align with my soul expression! Let’s birth beauty and pleasure within our lives!

Christine Jude, Creatrix of Rising Earth Healing Arts is a somato-emotional release bodywork practitioner.  As an LMT, craniosacral therapist, Reiki Master and Womb Priestess, she provides her clients with gentle and graceful access to the core root of their imbalances, patterns and emotions so that they may birth their beautiful soul expression in this life.  Through womb healing and 2 years apprenticing with the Fountain of Life and the Institute of Feminine Arts she has taken her healing to another alchemical level.  It is a passion and soul calling to arrive and greet you to share this magical and potent journey of awakening the Feminine and bring her back into balance with the Masculine essences here on Earth.

This circle is open to 13 Womyn and the exchange is $33. Link to register found below.

The circles fill rather quickly so pre-registration is recommended.  Click here to join us.



Sacred Exchange is $33

Date: Friday, October 25, 2019


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