13 Moons

A New Moon Womb Healing Journey

Red Tent - Women's Healing Circle

Saturday, March 21, 2020

7:00pm - 9:30pm

The River House Holistic Retreat, New Hamburg, NY

Calling you, Beloved Women to gather together as the alchemical gates are opened through the dark moon phase.  It is a ripe time to take the descent into the Feminine flow to access the gifts of healing that await us to restore our beauty and pleasure!  We must descend to ascend.  


The intention of these circles is to assist women in connecting with what makes them whole.  A conscious circle is created each month with intention and purpose to come into right relation and connection with ourselves, one another and the earth through creativity, focus, song and ritual. 


A blessing from the moon comes as our bodies align with her phases, providing us with access to our wombs primordial blueprint, the Feminine vibrations within ourselves -  a return to our innocence.  Awakening our womb wisdom involves diving deeply and tenderly into  our feelings, core traumas, desires, physical, emotional and energetic bodies, our sexuality, sensuality and sensory perception.  It activates our Feminine DNA to come fully online through our stem cells - what eastern philosophy calls Shakti.  This healing aligns us with the Web of Life, a healed conscious Matrix allowing us to manifest all that we need. 


Womb healing opens our womb hearts to fully come alive as we journey to the depths of our soul calling and bring forth embodied wisdom and nourishment.  The circle will begin with an introduction of the moon topic of the month and a guided womb meditation. Throughout the 13 moon cycle we will embark on an exploration of our personal moon cycles (menstruation) and how we can come into close relationship with ourselves as we relate with the moon and the earth.  This cycling is potent for women with/without physical wombs and those who are pere/post or in their menopausal phase.  We will journey deep into the sister/mother wound where there are treasures beholden to you, eliminating the desires of competition and fear as we relate to ourselves and other women. 


We will gaze into ourselves and work with elemental womb mapping - gaining an understanding how the earth, air, water, fire element can support or inhibit our self awareness and growth. We will dive into lunar/solar energies which will illuminate shadow aspects that play out in our lives and claim soul gifts that support our feminine embodiment and expression in the world.  


Why the new moon?  The new moon opens a portal of dissolution and birthing opportunity upon it’s arrival.  The darkness is believed to be a space of fertile openness where we dissolve old beliefs, patterns, habits and stories and cycle them into wisdom and intention. The shadow now becomes the gift you are here to express. 


This work is alchemical magic and has transformed my life and helped me to align with my soul expression. I am so grateful and honored to share this wisdom with you.   


Christine Jude, Creatrix of Rising Earth Healing Arts is a somato-emotional release bodywork practitioner.  As an LMT, craniosacral therapist, Reiki Master and Womb Priestess, she provides her clients with gentle and graceful access to the core root of their imbalances, patterns and emotions so that they may birth their beautiful soul expression in this life.  Through womb healing and 2 years apprenticing with the Fountain of Life and the Institute of Feminine Arts she has taken her healing to another alchemical level.  It is a passion and soul calling to arrive and greet you to share this magical and potent journey of awakening the Feminine and bring her back into balance with the Masculine essences here on Earth.

This circle is open to 13 Womyn and the exchange is $33. Link to register found below.

The circles fill rather quickly so pre-registration is recommended.  Click here to join us for the next moon circle.



Sacred Exchange is $33

The New Moon alchemy continues...

Saturday, April 25

Saturday, May 23

Saturday, June 20

Saturday, July 18

Saturday, August 22

Saturday, September 19

Saturday, October 17

Saturday, November 14

Saturday, December 12

Saturday, January 16

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Two Part Women's Herbal Workshop

with Herbalist, Karine Gordineer of Green Girl Herbs

The River House Holistic Retreat, New Hamburg, NY

Karine Gordineer has been practicing herbalism for over 30 years and joyfully shares this path through several certificate  level trainings, classes, client sessions, and herbal teas and remedies. She brings to her practice the wisdom and influence of her Algonquin and Ukrainian lineages, as well as extensive training and experience as an Herbalist, Certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, and Educator. Karine teaches at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, and has taught at the New York Open Center in NYC, The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, the Algonquin Center for Cultural Studies, Westchester Community College Continuing Education, Marist College, as well as a variety of venues in the Hudson Valley and CT. She has been teaching the Sacred Heart of Herbalism for over 19 years. For a full bio visit Karine’s website at

Thursday, March 5, 2020

6:30pm - 8:30pm



Explore the wisdom and healing properties of Earth’s gifts of the sacred medicine plants. Part medicine, part magic, our bodies biologically and intuitively recognize and respond to the Green Beings on a multitude of levels. The plants are here to support us and impart their wisdom to all of our Being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  They are our allies to assist us during all cycles and phases in our lives in whatever ways we may need them to be there for us.

In this offering, we’ll engage in ways to honor our womb and moon/menstrual cycles with plant infusions. Each participant will create their own unique womb nourishing blend.

Spiritual Exchange: $40 

Register Here

The journey to Croneship is one that can inspire a sense of discomfort and yet it can be an incredibly empowering time. In many ways entering into menopause can be compared to the journey to menarche and often reflects the shadow aspect of that cycle. Beyond the sometimes annoying and distressing symptoms, a deep and steady power grows within us. Learn to honor this new beginning or continuing phase of your life with our herbal allies. The Green Beings are our gentle guides and Wisdom Keepers in this process, dear friends that can soothe the aches and discomforts, easing anxieties and bringing us gently back to our own inner wisdom.

In this offering, we’ll invite in our sacred plant allies and learn how they can support us in this important transition. Each participant will create their own sacred blends honoring this cycle.

Spiritual Exchange: $40 

Register Here



Thursday, March 12, 2020

6:30pm - 8:30pm



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