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Intuitive Touch Therapy © 

Arriving 2023

Course Length

Two days

 Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Through sensitive nerve endings in our fingers we are able, through practice, to feel energy in ourselves and in others.  All life, humans, animals, bugs, birds, finish plants and even amoebas pulsate with life force energy.  This is the force that creates us, sustains us and unites us.  We are of the same substance and, in essence, we are one.  


When you place your hands upon another, your energy and theirs join and converse.  We are innately aware of this.  We can sense nervousness or tension, if one is confident and calm, insensitive or compassionate and so much more. Us humans though, with emphasis in rationalism in Western civilization can soon lose this ability until we consciously seek to retrieve it.  We can learn so much about another through our sense of touch.  

Our intuition is our expanded awareness.  The information that we seek moves before, around and inside of is in a unified field.  “It has been said for millennia by seers and poets of the East and West, it is now said by physicists and medical researchers every particle in the universe, every molecule in our bodies, every one of us has instantaneous access to all the information in the universe.  All we need do is drop the conceptual boundaries we ourselves have constructed, our self-defined limitations.  It is a fact that most of us receive less than one-billionth of the stimuli available to us at any one moment - because of learned  perceptual commitments.” ~ Kaselle and Hannay


As with our sense of knowing with touch, intuition is that innate ability that many of us are taught early to mistrust and lose ready access to it.  This is not intellectual.  It’s action works outside of cause-and-effect’s limits.  It is inner sight or insight.  It comes from within or through us from consciousness in that unified field.  It is knowledge that comes from you as a knowingness.  Intuition sees, hears and knows well beyond the limits of our senses and what our mind can calculate.  Intuition is an endless river of knowing and the limits to it are self-created and simply an illusion. 

What can I expect in this course? 


This course is designed to translate to anyone wishing to explore and learn the intuitive ways in which we can listen deeply with our hands and full body awareness, for those who are in the field of manual therapies, nursing and palliative care. It is scientifically proven that safe and intentional therapeutic touch assists in the body’s ability to balance, self correct and heal, promoting physical and emotional well being.

Prepare yourself to be introduced to the innate capability you have to assist yourself, loved ones and clients to deeply feel better and thrive with touch.  In today's Western culture we have become fearful of touch and unfortunately the healing gift of touch has been tarnished with illusions of toxic sexuality.  Touch is attributed to a quality mostly women engage in and is more socially acceptable for women to engage in non sexual yet sensual touch though not something that men can do without judgement, fear or shame.  Everyone needs touch to not over survive but to thrive!

We will journey together for 2 days while I walk with you through the science of touch and explore touch as a relationship to the self and others. We will embark on an exploration of somatic hands on therapy, psychophysiology, interpersonal skills including communication, boundary functions, the phenomena of transference, counter transference and projection.

We will explore trauma informed approach to touch and the ways in which we approach touch when connecting with loved ones and clients who have experienced physical, mental, emotional and sexual trauma. Learn meditation techniques to protect, center and ground yourself so that you maintain your self awareness and presence while initiating touch to others. Journey with the elements of air, water, earth and fire as they relate to your own body composition and how to apply elemental mapping into your bodywork or self/professional healing practices.

Course Objectives:
Describe touch and explain the physiology of touch.
Describe the chemical hormones released through touch that promote physical, mental and emotional healing.
Explain how intuitive touch can benefit people with chronic and acute physical and emotional pain.

Recognize why touch is so important for people of all ages.  

Identify why touch is essential for normal development and describe how it can be offered to improve development during pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Learn ways touch can support those with immunodeficiency syndromes.

Explore how deeper awareness of your muscles and their emotional connection can help you  heal. 
Explain somatic therapy techniques.

Explore safe, therapeutic ways in which we can provide touch. 
Define sensory awareness.

Learn how to hear your intuitive knowledge and to know when it speaks.

Identify the most important functions of the integumentary system and describe how touch is useful for pain relief.

This course is recommended for the lover of touch, parents, partners, massage therapists, yoga teachers, energy therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, palliative care providers, elder care providers -  anyone who wishes to deepen their connection to the innate healing powers of touch.



8 Spaces Available

*2 partial scholarships available for single mothers

Classes are intentionally kept small (8 students) so that each participant receives a nourishing amount of attention and support throughout the class.

For registering more than 1 or if you are applying for a scholarship, ubmit an inquiry here and I will connect with you via e-mail within 48 hours. 

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