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Ceremonial Moon Blood Bowl

Ceremonial Moon Blood Bowl

Ritual use bowls for your inner red tent...

Each bowl has its own frequency and medicine - women have been called their moon bowl.


The bowl chooses her woman and the woman her bowl.

The bowls are crafted in a prayer and medicine ceremony, they flow through the Mother portal the same time they are being called by their keeper. When you choose your bowl they are set in the moon garden until the next full or new moon cycle and then prayerfully taken in to be cleared, smudged and cleansed with water. Then they are ceremonially wrapped and packaged with a sealed intention just for you.

With the bowl, you are given a 9 page booklet which includes a moon journal and direction to create your own ceremony and brings you into an online moon circle where there are weekly meditations and connects you with a community of other women who are journeying with their moon bowls.

The network is optional and there as support for 6 months if you choose to utilize it.

Preparing and shipping could take a full moon cycle depending on intention, crafting and availability.

Let's connect about your ceremonial moon bowl, e-mail christine_winus@yahoo.com.

In Rooted Love

Christine Jude🌹

Moon Bowl Garden...

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