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Birth Stories are Sacred.  

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December 22, 2022


Storytellers are the weavers of imagination that bring light to the world and give rise to new thoughts and ideas for creative shifts personally and culturally. Learning about birth and mothering was naturally shared through listening to the stories of our mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, midwives and friends. Today, information is often passed out to the masses through movies, television and the internet as misinformation. We are calling in Birth Storytellers to share your stories within the community so that we can witness and learn about the rainbow of birth experiences.


Birth is beautiful, powerful, challenging and so worth sharing about.  All too often, women journey through this initiating rite of passage and never have the opportunity to share it, to be heard and seen. Our stories are medicine for ourselves and others.  Sharing a birth story can support a woman, a mother in many ways. There is no one right way to birth and her story is sacred and precious exactly as it is.


Birth storytellers can guide women to discover courage and inspiration through positive birth stories and share their experiences of empowered birth.  Mothers can heal their own birth trauma through sharing their stories to compassionate listeners.  The power of a birth story, no matter how it is shared, is profound. 


For some, birth was ecstatic joy and pleasure, for some there was disappointment, grief and trauma. It is important that each woman have her birth story be told and heard as every birth story is recognized as a sacred experience, no matter what.  


There is a beautiful connection, understanding and healing that happens when a woman shares, is witnessed and witnesses another mother’s birth story. The journey of a mother begin long before the day she gives birth to a child.  The changes and experiences that a woman has through conception and gestation, from birth to those delicate and tender days post partum hold important threads of wisdom.


We welcome you to sit within this Story Circle, a Birth Story Medicine Circle.  This is a powerful way in which we create support as a community to hold a safe and therapeutic space for women to share their birth experiences and be heard. For those who have birthed, those who are planning and or dreaming of birth and birth workers are invited to sit in this medicine circle. 


The intention of this gathering is to midwife a new paradigm of empowered birthing through the listening to all of the birth stories that arrive in this circle with empathy, love and care. Your story is medicine.


This circle is held by Christine Jude Winus.  Christine is a women’s health focused somatic massage and craniosacral therapist, Spirit Keeper of the Womb and holistic pelvic care practitioner.  Christine has supported women in Red Tents, pre/post natal body work, labor induction, conscious conception and menstruation for many years through her practice, Rising Earth Healing Arts. She belly birthed her daughter Luna in 2012 and experienced post partum depression for many years after. Her healing inspired the devotion to offer holistic womb centered services to women and to walk beside women in their own journey of healing and growth. 


Exchange is $33

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