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Physical and energetic touch has the ability to reach a person deep within their spirit. When intentional touch is held with loving care it reaches places within the self and another where an alchemical transformation happens at a cellular level.  The body begins to wake up and acknowledge pain in the body as foreign and loving touch as a primordial blueprint to which it will return. The body receiving the healing remembers innately it’s homeostatic state and begins to return home to balance.

My belief is that we have the capability to heal ourselves from within. We are certainly available and capable to do this alone though sometimes we require the guidance, assistance and deep presence of another human being to assist us along the way. 


I offer somatic bodywork that addresses the mind, body and spirit, recognizing that a person’s physical, mental, emotional and psychological history is manifested through the body in particular patterns, and by working through the body these historical patterns can be changed.

In a subtle, systematic process, somatic bodywork allows you to unfurl and open to reshape your history,  yourself, through releasing generational patterns, contractions, tension, and trauma, in your body. In this process of opening and releasing held patterns and contractions, you create space for more chi and vitality in your body. When there’s more vitality and awareness there can be more choice, and in more choice you have an opportunity to shift something in your life, and a new story can appear.


Womb healing is the foundation upon which all my energetic therapy sessions are applied.  Womb healing is simply a return to the still point, void , the space of creation which is feminine in nature and exists within all living beings.  I work deeply with the feminine energies of Gaia - the Spirit of our Earth to assist in all body and energetic therapy I offer. 

I invite you to be curious and creative with your healing and awakening.  A journey to your center and stillness has already begun. 


In Rooted Love,

Christine Jude

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Christine Jude Winus, LMT, RM

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Womb Healing


Integrated Energy Therapy

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